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Infrastructure and Industrial Coatings and Linings

Solutions that Work.....Extending The Life of Your Assets

Municipalities and industrial owners realize that a proactive approach to infrastructure preservation is a sound and necessary financial investment.  Protecting new and existing assets improves the level of service, minimizes community impact and ultimately, saves money. OCS can recommend the right system for protecting your infrastructure, quickly and cost effectively.

Our spray applied coatings include Sprayroq Polyurethane, Polyurea, Cementitious and other chemical resistant applications.  When combined with concrete restoration, chemical grouting, fiber reinforcement and other repair techniques, we can extend the life of your assets; safely, cost effectively and with minimal impact to your operations.

Infrastructure and Industrial Coatings and Linings

Typical Applications:
Containment, Manhole, Lift/Pump Station, Wet/Clear Well, Clarifier, Grit Chamber, Day Tank, Trench, Digester, Man-Entry Pipe, Tunnel, Vault, Mixing/Contact Chamber....any water, wastewater or industrial structure.


As a Certified Partner of Sprayroq, Osborn Contract Services offers installation of Sprayroq polyurethane products.  A leading developer of polyurethane spray applications, Sprayroq is a 100% VOC free coating designed for premium infiltration control and chemical resistance, and can protect your structures with only a single mobilization.  Sprayroq also offers superb chemical resistance, potable water applications (NSF 61 approved), and quick cure times so that your facility can be on back line fast.