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Jim Osborn

Clifford Anders
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Project Manager / Estimator

Barret Boozer
Project Manager / Estimator

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How About a Free Lunch?

Good information....in your office....and continuing education credit for your engineers.

"Learn at Lunch" Programs are currently available in SC, NC, GA, and TN. To schedule a lunch presentation in your office, please contact Barret (barret@osborninc.com).

Topics include:
High Performance Solutions for Rehabilitating and Protecting Your Infrastructure
Participants will explore rehabilitation and protection solutions using state of the art techniques. They will learn what restoration and lining techniques are available and how each can be used. The program will include a review of the state of the nation's infrastructure. Participants will explore examples of restoration and coating solutions for numerous municipal, industrial and commercial markets. The presentation will explore common solutions using chemical grouts, urethanes, polyureas, and cementitious products and explore integrated solutions; Structural repair techniques reviewed include carbon fiber and fiberglass strengthening; A multi-faceted approach to rehabilitation and protection will be presented.

Manhole Rehabilitation – The Basics
Participants will explore manhole rehabilitation solutions using the latest technology.  They will learn how hydrogen sulfide corrosion attacks municipal manholes.  Stopping infiltration will be discussed, including the use of chemical grouts, hydraulic cements, etc. The presentation will explore the various liner systems available and most appropriate use for each, including calcium aluminate cements, polyurethanes, polyureas, etc.


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