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High Performance Flooring

Industrial Strength....Showroom Quality

Osborn Contract Services provides high performance, seamless floors for manufacturing, chemical processing, healthcare, education, pharmaceutical, electronics, food & beverage, industrial and commercial environments. Our wide range of flooring solutions include epoxy, urethane, MMA, polished concrete, terrazzo, and acid brick.  In addition to showroom quality finishes, our flooring features superior adhesion, high traffic durability, chemical and heat resistance, and unmatched mechanical properties. We can install your specified system or recommend the best solution for your work environment.

Typical applications for high performance flooring:

Smooth, durable, chemical, abrasion and impact resistant floors which are easy to clean. Installed fast to minimize disruption of your operation.

Typically comprised of abrasion resistant epoxy and polyurethane resin coatings, which are light reflective, easy to clean, chemical resistant and durable.

Food Processing (USDA Approved):
Exhibit outstanding durability, thermal shock resistance, chemical resistance, fast turnaround, and permanent nonskid textures. Easily cleaned.

Epoxy and urethane coating systems designed for sensitive electronic areas, munitions, explosion proof areas or other locations which require antistatic floors.  These provide high reliability and have a long lasting, attractive finish.

Clean Room:
Epoxy and urethane coating systems which provide a non-shedding, durable, highly cleanable, chemical resistant work surface.

Mechanical Equipment Area:
Epoxy and urethane floor and lining systems exhibit watertight, waterproof properties, and provide a degree of containment; Durable and chemical resistant.

Polished concrete, terrazzo, epoxy, acid stain, tile.....the options are limitless.