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Osborn Contract Services, Inc. (OCS) specializes in protective coatings, linings and polishing, infrastructure restoration and protection, parking deck repair and structural restoration, and heavy duty flooring.

Established in 1995, Osborn Contract Services, Inc. is a leader in protection, repair, and restoration services for clients in a multitude of industries. What began as a business focused on installing quality specialty flooring has grown into a company with a constant dedication to cutting-edge technology and providing solutions that work to the restoration and coatings industry. We understand that every environment is unique, and we take the time to achieve a solution customized to your needs.


Areas of Service

Protective Solutions

A proactive approach to infrastructure preservation is a sound and necessary financial investment. That’s why OCS provides a full-service range of protective coatings, linings, and polishing solutions to extend the life of your assets safely, cost-effectively, and with minimal impact to your operations.

Parking Decks

We handle all types of concrete repair, reinforcement, resurfacing and re-stabilization to extend the life of your structure. We provide our clients with a single, convenient, and reliable source to handle all concrete restoration needs, from injection to full structural stabilization.


Complete solutions for the restoration and protection of your existing or new structures, from waterstop to protective coatings. We provide structural restorations and repairs that are fast setting, highly corrosion resistant, and designed to extend the life of your structure – all with the expertise of skilled craftsman.

heavy duty flooring

As part of North American Construction Technology (NACT), OCS has formed an exclusive partnership with The Euclid Chemical Company. This partnership allows OCS access to Euclid’s full line of heavy duty products, the industry’s best turnkey solution for your heavy duty flooring needs.



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