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orangeburg wwtp

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PROJECT: Orangeburg Wastewater Treatment Plant - Euco Top Floor

LOCATION: Orangeburg, SC

OWNER: City of Orangeburg, SC

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: State Utility Contractors, Inc (Monroe, NC)

SIZE: 1,500 SF


Euco-Top Floor

The Orangeburg Wastewater Treatment Plant has a designated dumpster location within the plant that is moved by a mechanical cable. The area is sloped to drain, but the metal wheels and sleds on the bottom of the dumpster continually wear ruts in the concrete, causing long-term maintenance issues for the plant.

After considering and evaluating traditional cementitious repair methods, Orangeburg Wastewater Treatment Plant chose Super Euco-Top Floor system manufactured by Euclid Chemical. Super Euco-Top is an iron aggregate floor topping that is batched out of super sacks and prepared in a ready-mix truck on-site. It gives eight times more abrasion than regular concrete and cures to over 12,000 PSI to resist the penetration of oil, grease, and other liquids.  

OCS, a trained and licensed Euco-Top Contractor, completed this project in a two-day period during the summer of 2016 to the satisfaction of the wastewater treatment plant ownership.


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