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spartanburg steel

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PROJECT: Spartanburg Steel - Floor Repairs

LOCATION: Spartanburg, SC

OWNER: Spartanburg Steel Products

SIZE: Varies


EucoFloor 404

This facility is the very definition of a heavy-duty application, handling metal stamping for several major corporations. The floors are abused on a daily basis just by the nature of this work. The floors have cutting oils, forklift traffic, and 60,000-lb. die presses that introduce vibrations and repeated heavy impacts. Over time, the high-use areas start to deteriorate and need to be repaired. 

OCS is a certified installer of Euclid’s EucoFloor 404, the best solution in the industry for heavy-duty applications. This product is an iron aggregate material that can be placed over sound substrates to gain better long-term life in a facility. It cures to over 18,000 PSI, is incredibly dense, and withstands absorption of the oils used in this facility.

OCS performed prep work on Friday evening and installed the EucoFloor 404 on Saturday morning to minimize downtime for the facility. Spartanburg Steel Products resumed normal operations on Monday morning. 


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